Monday, September 11, 2006

5 years on -- September 11, 2001

The link is to an article about the observance of the fifth anniversary of the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I'm not going to devote much space to this because I cannot: New York is my city and always will be. The Monkette cannot bear to relive the moments either and she's a Southerner. We have studiously avoided the docudramas, teary reflection news shows, moronic Katie Couric interviews and the other maudlin rubbish that the news shows have foisted upon the public.

There are few observations to make that have not been made by people on my side of the political spectrum. Here are a few statements that I think are wholly accurate:

1. It is disgraceful and dishonorable for the nation, as a whole, to have forgotten, downplayed, ignored or avoided the simple fact that terrorists want to kill Americans and have greater means and ability to do so now than they ever did before.

2. It is disgusting, abhorrent, dishonest and delusional for the former President of the United States who willfully turned down at least three chances to capture or kill Bin Laden to sue a broadcast company to shut down a docudrama that shows his numerous failures. Bill Clinton is a vain fool, and becoming a worse ex-President by the day.

3. The Democrats since November 2000 have been the most disruptive and dishonorable major political party in American history. Since the middle of 2002, they have been studiously anti-American in tone, outlook, approach and conception of their role. The Bush Derangement Syndrome has far surpassed Clinton Derangement Syndrome as a governing philosophy, a party platform, a danger to the nation, and an attitude unworthy of a major political institution.

4. The CIA and the State Department should be cleaned out from top to bottom like Hercules flooding the Augean Stables. Since 9-11-01, the CIA has actively worked against this President. Since January 21, 2001, the State Department has.

5. The dishonesty, revisionism and fantasyworld thought process of many people knows no boundaries. The concept that American foreign policy, Israel's existence and/or treatment of the Palestinians, or any policy touching either one of those categories is a reason or justification for terrorism against the US or Israel is disgusting, immoral and preposterous.

Summing up is perhaps best left to Mark Steyn:

Five years on, half America has retreated to the laziest old tropes, filtering the new struggle through the most drearily cobwebbed prisms: All dramatic national events are JFK-type conspiracies, all wars are Vietnam quagmires. Meanwhile, Ramzi Yousef's successors make their ambitions as plain as he did: They want to acquire nuclear technology in order to kill even more of us. And, given that free societies tend naturally toward a Katrina mentality of doing nothing until it happens, one morning we will wake up to another day like the "day that changed everything." Sept. 11 was less "a failure of imagination" than an ability to see that America's enemies were hiding in plain sight.

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