Friday, September 22, 2006

LA Times to Lockyer: Get serious

The LA Times criticizes the California AG, Bill Lockyer, for suing carmakers for global warming. The lawsuit is just stupid, and should be tossed out immediately -- there is no causal link (or at minimum, no way to prove one) between car emissions and the damages California complains about. Worse yet, Lockyer wants the companies to pay for taking actions that comply with the Federal Government's regulations -- legal emissions are targeted, not violations of California's emissions regulations.

Just another cost for doing business in the US -- stupid lawsuits. If we had a "loser pays" rule whereby California would have to pay Ford/GM/etc.'s attorneys fees for this type of case, Lockyer would never have filed it. Because that cost won't ever go back on California taxpayers (thereby earning Lockyer the opprobrium he would deserve), there is only minimal risk in filing such a frivolous lawsuit.

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