Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tehran-Pyongyang Pact?

Michael Yon at the National Review brings up an interesting point. Was the Sunday/Monday 'nuclear' test in North Korea done for or by the Iranians?

In any case since it appears unlikely that any military option with either Korea or Iran is not currently on the table we need an important addendum to the Bush Doctrine. I understand that studies of the radioactive fallout from a nuclear discharge can clearly identify the manufacturer, i.e., who produced it. Thus I recommend something like the following to North Korea and Iran: (If I am wrong on the science, someone please correct me)

"The United States will retaliate with extreme prejudice against the manufacturer of a weapon of mass destruction if such a weapon were to be used against the United States."

What this means is if a North Korean or Iranian bomb were to be used against the United States then Pyongyang or Tehran, respectively, for example would pay a ghastly price. It means we would hold these rogue regimes responsible for any weapons they produce.

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