Friday, October 20, 2006

A Democratic Congress?

The second worst thing that can happen in this year's mid-term elections is the Republicans retain control of Congress.

The worst thing is the Democrats take control of Congress.

It's a choice between eating a cockroach and eating the fresh feces of a great dane. The first is doable, if done quickly whilst hoping it's all over with swiftly, the second requires extended torture. I'll take the cockroach I know over the dog poo I cannot stand.

It's not an appetizing choice. Dennis Hastert and the House Republican leadership are terrible. But the Democrats have become the de facto legislative arm of their worst constituents: MoveOn, Democracy Now, ACORN, Big Labor. Whereas the Republicans are economically irresponsible, the Democrats are politically irresponsible and cannot do what must be done to keep America secure in the face of the Islamofascist threat.

That's the line to be drawn. Unfortunately, too much of the country is tired of the politics as usual and may think that a change would be advantageous. That's a shallow, cliched thought process . . . fitting for our shallow and cliched politics.

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