Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ned Lamont is a swine

Strong words. But well deserved. Lamont has run a deeply and solely negative campaign for Senate financed by his own ample resources. Sadly, his "Run from Iraq" platform managed to convince enough Democratic primary voters for him to narrowly gain the nomination. Doesn't say much for the Democrats in Connecticut.

Since Lamont is ambitious or duplicitous enough to champion a truly despicable platform and make it the only plank in his campaign it hardly surprises that we find he is also a liar.

Chris Matthews, hardly a Republican hack, caught Lamont in a flip-flop on using "the military option" with Iran. Lamont castigated Lieberman on the issue last year but now behind and desperate is trying to appeal to moderates by saying "the military option should always be on the table."

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