Monday, May 22, 2006

Who is this guy?

It actually was Kevin Reese. Our beloved Yankees are in a bit of disrepair when Kevin Reese (no offense intended, really) is playing in the Yankees-Mets interleague games.

Some thoughts - with which the Monk will certainly disgree...

- Injuries: Matsui done for the season hurts. Sheff and Posada are twingy...worrisome. Pavano hurt in a rehab start and might be a no-show again. Sturtze basically done for the year. This isn't a deep team and the Yanks are short a bit of punch. Bubba Crosby out with a bad hamstring. Chacon now on 15 day.

- No Mo. This is a familiar refrain. I worry about Mo because well he can't be like Billy Wagner was on Friday - three up, three down lights out. Good I didn't write this Saturday morning though and Yanks rocked BWag in the second game. The Monk usually trashes me for trashing Mo. And he's usually right. But we are well into the season and Mo's ERA (3.05) is high (for him) and so is his WHIP (1.38). The cutter just doesn't seem to be as sharp anymore.

- Clueless Joe? Why is Torre exposing Mo like he did on Friday in a tie away game? Willie Randolph did the same thing to BWags Saturday. It's time to slowly bring Farnsworth along I think...

On the bright side though the boys are doing relatively well with Moose having a great start, Scott Proctor, Villone and Myers have been effective and the rest of the staff improving. Thank goodness for Miguel Cairo and Bernie. Think the strategy at the moment is to muddle along and wait for some folks to get healthy and NOT make any rash decisions.

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