Friday, May 26, 2006

Judicial idiocy of the week

This is ridiculous: a judge in Nebraska has sentenced a man convicted of two counts of SEXUAL ASSAULT ON A CHILD to four months of an electronic bracelet and 10 years of probation. No jail time.

That's it.

For sexually assaulting a child.


The convict is short.

No, seriously -- the little pervert is 5-foot-1 and the judge wouldn't throw him in the can because she thinks he'll be a target in prison not only because he is a sex offender but because he's a shrimp!

This is ridiculous. If the little perv truly fears a prison population, that should have worked as a deterrent to acting upon his heinous desires. Instead, the judge gives him a BREAK for being a little feller. And in Nebraska -- one of the reddest of the red states!

Message from this tale -- if you're a short man looking for illicit action, you can go to Sidney, Nebraska and not worry about the justice system working properly, at least if you're in Judge Kristine Cecava's court.

Then again, the Nebraska AG will appeal Cecava's moronic decision and hopefully get it flipped -- the defendant was convicted of TWO SEX-OFFENSE FELONIES. He deserves jail time, period.

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