Thursday, May 04, 2006

Moussaoui gets Life - UPDATED

"America, you lost. I won."

Moussaoui, exulting, after the verdict.

Apparently, the jury was concerned about factors like these:

The jurors were divided on the 23 mitigating factors in the case: None was moved by the fact that top al-Qaida operatives in U.S. custody are not facing death penalty prosecutions, but three cited racism that Moussaoui faced as a child of Moroccan descent.

The closest the jurors came to unanimity in finding mitigating factors was on two questions involving his troubled childhood. On the first count of conspiracy to commit international terrorism, nine cited his unstable early childhood including stays in orphanages and a lack of emotional and financial support, and nine also cited physical and emotional abuse by his father.

An unstable early childhood is a mitigating factor??

Another reason to execute him? So some buffoon of a President in the future like Bill Clinton doesn't decide to pardon him.


20th 9/11 bomber Zacharias Moussaoui gets life in prison after six days of deliberation.

I can already see future defense attorneys arguing against death with:

"How can you give it to my client if Moussaoui didn't get it?"

Bah. He wanted martyrdom, he should have gotten it.

Now I think we ought to stick him in solitary in the coldest, nastiest prison we have.

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