Monday, June 16, 2008

What the Supreme Court hath wrought

A jurisprudential disaster with deadly consequences for US soldiers. And the author of the Boumediene decision is Anthony Kennedy, the accidental justice (he was the "appointable" candidate after the Bork and Douglas Ginsburg nominations ended in disaster for Pres. Reagan), has again reconfigured the Constitution to accord with the popular tastes of foreign opinion.

Andy McCarthy saw this coming even before the Supreme Court's Hamdan disaster that extended Geneva Convention protections to unlawful enemy combatants. He prophesied before the Court's 2006 opinion was announced that if the Supreme Court ruled against the Bush Administration

Anyone want to bet against me that this won't come to mean criminal trials with virtually all the protections required to be given to U.S. citizens under the Constitution?

And so it has come to pass.

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