Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sweden: We don't need FISA

The Swedes have done the right thing by allowing their authorities to monitor all cross border telephone and internet traffic without the encumbrance of a FISA like body:

STOCKHOLM, June 18 (Reuters) - Sweden passed a law allowing all cross-border Internet and telephone traffic to be monitored, despite public protests and opposition from civil rights groups.
The law, announced on the parliamentary website, allows the military National Defence Radio Establishment to monitor Swedes' Internet usage as well as content from e-mails, phone calls and text messages.
The revised proposal provides for increased oversight from the Swedish Data Inspection Board, a public authority, and a new parliamentary committee. These two bodies will oversee monitoring activities by the authorities until 2011.

Currently, Swedish police can apply for permission to monitor phone and Internet traffic in the investigation of serious crimes. The new bill will allow the authorities to eavesdrop on conversations and communications by default.

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