Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Derek Jeter collected his 2,415th hit last night at the Stadium in Joba Chamberlain's first start (decent) but in an otherwise forgettable loss to Toronto.

Jeter turns 34 later this month and has accomplished this in 12 and one-third seasons.

This ties him with Mickey Mantle for 3rd most in Yankee history. Ahead of him are only Gehrig (2,721) and Ruth (2,873). Gehrig was 33 when he did it and Ruth 36+.

Assuming no major injuries and 175 hits a year for the next six years (never had less than 180 in a full season and has averaged 200) Jeter should garner about another 1,050 hits and finish with approximately 3,450 which would put him in the top ten all-time.

There is an outside possibility at 4,000 if Jeter could maintain status as a full-time player into his early forties.

Pretty dang good company already.

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