Thursday, January 31, 2008

Useless stats for the Super Bowl

Here are three stats, two useless, another to be determined and other than the first one below, the other useless stat is up for debate:

(1) The Giants are 2-0 in the Super Bowl against teams they played in the regular season (beat Broncos in '86; lost to Bills at home in '90) and 0-1 against a Super Bowl opponent they had not previously met that season; the Patriots are 1-1 in rematches of regular season matchups ('85 = lost to Bears in both reg. season and Super Bowl; '01 lost to Rams during season, won in Super Bowl) and 2-1 in non-rematches (beat Panthers, Eagles; lost to Packers).

(2) The Giants outscored their opponents 373-351 this year during the season, 68-51 in the postseason; the Patriots outscored their opponents 589-274 this season and 52-32 in the playoffs.

(3) No quarterback who led the NFL in passing yardage in a given season has won the Super Bowl that season; Tom Brady led the NFL in passing yards this year.

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