Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bowled under

The Monk failed to watch Michigan-Florida -- the only bowl game worth watching yesterday. I taped (on DVR -- who uses actual tape?) the Virginia game and was bored until the last four minutes when the Cavs bonked a two TD lead and coughed up 17 points. The remaining games were either not worthwhile (UT-Wisco) or blowouts (Mizzou by 31, Georgia by 31, USC by 32). I hope the ratings completely tank this year -- the BCS is a travesty and this year is no different. Of course OSU is in, but it's no better than the fifth best team in the country (USC, Georgia, LSU, OU WVU), benefited by playing a bunch of stiffs outside the Big T(elev)en and by beating a weak conference. Think OSU is the best matchup for LSU? The Buckeyes lost last year's national title game 43-14 and that team was far superior to the product they're putting out this season.

Oh, and OSU is 0-8 in bowl games against SEC teams. What's worse: the Big Ten and SEC had multiple bowl tie-ins (i.e. #3 SEC v. #3 Big 10+1 or #4 v. #4), leading OSU to play an SEC team six times in 11 games from 1990-2002, and losing each. Yeesh.

The sickening thing this year is that USC is probably the best team, just like in 2003 when it got screwed by the moronic computers running the BCS polls that chose Oklahoma (lost 35-7 in Big 12 conference title game!) -- nearly the same computers that chose FSU to play Oklahoma in 2000 even though Miami was 10-1 too and had whupped FSU.

You get it yet? The system is broken. Too much TV money ensures that it won't be fixed any time soon.

N.B. -- a small update from after the WVU rout of Oklahoma. I forgot WVU was thisclose to playing OSU for the national title but lost its position with that ridiculous bonk against Pitt. OU should be mortified by allowing > 350 rushing yards in a game for which it had four weeks to prepare.

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