Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Does he need Mo money?

The Monk is one of the biggest Mariano Rivera fans, period. Wongdoer knows all too well how I've defended Mo throughout the years from his foolhardy critics (ones who actually claim to know baseball, not just Wongdoer himself). But if Mo turns down the Yanks' outlandishly high $45M/3 proposal, then he should just fly his happy arse to LA, join Torre there for less money and not say a word about the Yanks ever again. Seriously. The Yanks made that offer Sunday and it topped their already-outrageous $40M/3 offer. If Mo goes, they can easily turn over the 9th inning to Joba without worrying about babying the kid's arm like they'd have to if he were a starter.

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