Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cheer cheer for an absolute rip job!

In 1991, The Monk was horrified and furious that the Sugar Bowl gave a bid to 9-2 Notre Dame over higher-ranked Penn State. After Penn State stomped the Irish 35-13 and rose to #7 in the polls, dropping Notre Dame to 18th, the Sugar Bowl committee did exactly what rumors had said it would -- gave the bid to UND over a more deserving team.

Since then, any tribulation Notre Dame faces is good: getting whacked 41-9 by Oregon State = good; getting stomped 41-14 by LSU = nice; losing nine straight bowl games, including seven by two touchdowns or more = lovely. And bombing this season to a 1-9 mark despite tremendous recruiting classes for two years running and ND's inherent recruiting advantage (read: NBC) = it's pretty . . . it's sooooooooooooo pretty (apologies to Wesley Snipes from White Men Can't Jump).

And there is a reason for Notre Dame's failure: Charlie Weis is a terrible coach. So says Stewart Mandel in a long, analytical, and sharp column ripping the coach who has done nothing with much talent this year. Click the title of this post for more.

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