Monday, August 06, 2007

Michael Strahan is an idiot

That's the subtext of Mike Vaccaro's column ripping the Giants' DE for not reporting to training camp under the excuse that he's suddenly contemplating retirement. Strahan's full of BS: he wants the Giants to fawn over him, or pay him more money. Neither option is on the table. As a leader of the defense, he should lead by example and get his ample a*s to camp. Perhaps playing a full season for the first time in a couple of years would help too.

Strahan's 2007 contract is for $4,000,000. The divorce judgment against him is $15,000,000 and his child support payments will exceed $300K annually. His wife cleaned him out. He wanted to play around (not football this time) and she kicked his butt. So he needs the cash. The Giants, who have been destroyed from inside in the past couple of years due to internal dissent and too many talkers in the lockerroom, rightly have no stomach for this nonsense. If Strahan wants to do his Richie Phillips impersonation, resign and hope the team will pay him, the Giants should be more than happy to let him go, and then seek to recover the pro rata signing bonus from his last deal that they are allowed to recoup upon early retirement.

Then Strahan could learn to keep his ---- in his pants and his head out of his butt.

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