Monday, August 06, 2007

Firing the pants plaintiff?

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy: the man who sued a dry cleaners for $60M+ (later reduced to $54M+) for a pair of lost slacks that were not lost may be about to lose his spot at the public trough.

Roy Pearson is the first DC administrative law judge that chief ALJ Tyrone Butler has not recommended for a 10-year reappointment. And Butler wavered because he wanted to give Pearson a second chance. After Pearson tried to take the cleaners to the cleaners, Butler gave in to not only his better judgment, but also to negative input from the District's Parks Department -- a first by the department.

"Pearson's demeanor, analysis and the quality of his written decisions demonstrate that he lacks the necessary skills for this position," stated the Dec. 5 letter from Christine Davis, the department's general counsel. One public works inspector described Pearson as "condescending and unwilling to listen to litigants," while another inspector said Pearson was "often argumentative and hostile," according to the letter.

Here's hoping the District makes the right choice.

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