Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gallic Stupidity, part deux

TKM followed up with the writer of the Reuters story we referenced below regarding the release on his own recognizance in France of a serial pedophile arrested on multiple counts of child rape and molestation. Remember, the perv in question has admitted he committed the acts AND has tapes of him doing so that police obtained.

The writer said the "judicial source" indicated that these types of criminals are ROR'd pending trial a few times each week. France should consider studying the crimes these pervs commit while on their own pending trial.

The Monk once had a boss who had been an assistant DA in charge of sex crimes against minors. He proudly kept a collection of mugshots in his desk drawer. The subjects were his "lifers" -- the pedophiles he had put away for life. French prosecutors need more of that ethic.

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