Thursday, July 12, 2007

The perils of socialized medicine

This is disgusting: Nearly 1 in 10 patients in Scottish hospitals, 1 in 12 in English hospitals, 6+% in Welsh hospitals (about 1/16) and more than 5% in Northern Ireland hospitals incur healthcare acquired infections.

In other words, going to the hospital in the UK often makes you SICK. Would you go to a Scottish hospital for anything that's not nearly life-threatening if there's a 10-1 chance you could acquire a serious bacterial infection?

And why are these infections so common -- BAD HYGIENE and lack of cleanliness. But the figures are for all hospitals, not just Britain's horrid National Health Service. As this blogger noted, the UK's leading private hospital company recorded ZERO cases of the blood infection MRSA -- one of the most common infections patients contract during hospital stays.

The cost to the NHS for fighting these diseases: nearly $370,000,000.

Socialized medicine -- a disease that we don't need.

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