Thursday, July 05, 2007

Brave Martyr aka Girly Man

This Reuters article was amusing:

ISLAMABAD, July 5 (Reuters) - Small groups of radical students trickled out from Islamabad's besieged Red Mosque on Thursday, despite warning blasts overnight, raising fears hardcore militants were keeping some children as human shields.

The captured leader of the mosque's Taliban-style student movement, in an interview broadcast on state television, said there were 850 students still inside, including 600 women and girls, but he said only 14 men were armed with Kalashnikovs.

At the start of the interview, Abdul Aziz dramatically lifted the black veil on a burqa like the one he was caught wearing the previous evening, to reveal the face dominated by a bushy grey beard, and described how he wanted to leave, but some women teachers persuaded girls to stay behind at a time of sacrifice.

Wow. The leader of a Taliban style movement trying to escape DRESSED AS A WOMAN? Creatures whom they consider chattel and worthy of honor killings? One would think Abdul Aziz would be glad to meet his Maker in front of a mosque.


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