Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Corrupt is as corrupt does

When Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao enacted rules forcing unions to engage in (slightly) more transparent accounting practices and allow members access to information on union financials, the two groups that screamed bloody murder were (1) union leadership across the country, especially the AFL/CIO; (2) Democrats in Congress.

Now that Democrats control Congress, they are doing the bidding of the unions:

In the past six years, the Office of Labor Management Standards, or OLMS, has helped secure the convictions of 775 corrupt union officials and court-ordered restitution to union members of over $70 million in dues. The House is set to vote Thursday on a proposal to chop 20% from the OLMS budget. Every other Labor Department enforcement agency is due for a budget increase, and overall the Congress has added $935 million to the Bush administration's budget request for Labor. The only office the Democrats want to cut back is the one engaged in union oversight.

Ahhh, good to see how that clean Democrat Congress that Pelosi promised lives on.

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