Monday, December 11, 2006

Some ideas are so stupid . . .

. . . only 10 brahmins retired from US government posts who have no desire to analyze reality can believe them.

Barry Rubin deconstructs five of the worst myths inherent in the ISG report. The core of Rubin's conclusion:

[The report] ignores the experience of the last dozen years, and throws in just about every mistaken cliche on the issue. One would think the conflict remained unresolved simply because the US had not tried hard enough.

The section on this issue is just silly. The great minds, the senior statesmen, the best and brightest get together, and on this question at least - I'm leaving the issue of Iraq itself out of the discussion for the moment - the result is drivel. Not because it is politically bad, but because it is a bunch of slogans with limited links to reality.

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