Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Baseball idiocy -- written and applied

First, the written: this Sports Ticker article failed a fundamental tenet of reporting -- do not f--k up verifiable facts. Noting that the Yanks are in the market for pitching help but being cautious, the writer said the Yanks needed better pitching because opponents hit .285 against them, 2nd-worst in baseball.


That was the Yanks' batting average as a team, second-BEST in baseball. The Yanks' batting average against was 9th.

Second, applied idiocy. Exhibit 1: the Dodgers shelling out $15.66M for Jason Schmidt ($47M/3) who has a history of arm troubles and is 33. Exhibit 2: the RedSux shelling out $70M/5 to JD Drew, one of the most disinterested players in the majors. With all his talent, Drew could be a superstar; with all his injuries, he could be Jeffrey Hammonds. But with his lack of fire, he's a paler version of Manny Ramirez, with better range and less pop.

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