Thursday, June 22, 2006

US World Cup Update - CORRECTION

A correction to my analysis below:

If the Czechs draw with Italy then the US can advance with a win if they can beat EITHER the Czechs or Italians in one of the tiebreakers.

If the Czechs beat Italy then the US would have to make up the goal differential with Italy which currently stands at 5 goals.

For all intents and purposes, since we can't score like Argentina (who drew 0-0 against the Netherlands today - amazing how different it is to play a team that can defend) the only realistic way for the US to advance is to beat Ghana and Italy beats the Czechs.

Good Luck Team USA.


Just a quickie for the casual fan of US soccer. After scratching out a draw against the heavily favored Italians on Saturday the US has some reasonable hope to advance in Group E.

Since Ghana stunned the Czechs 2-0, (the folks who crushed us 3-0) these are the standings:

Italy 2 1 1 0 3 1 2 4
Czech 2 1 0 1 3 2 1 3
Ghana 2 1 0 1 2 2 0 3
US 2 0 1 1 1 4 -3 1

where GP = games played, W=win, D=draw, L=loss, GS=goals scored, GA=goals against, GD=goal differential, P=points

These are the tiebreakers:

Rankings in each group shall be determined as follows:
(a) Greater number of points in group
(b) Goal differential in group
(c) Goals scored in group

In case of a tie:
(d) Head-to-head
(e) Head-to-head goal differential
(f) Goals scored head-to-head
(g) Drawn lots

Basically the US can advance by beating Ghana on Thursday if the Italians beat the Czechs. (3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss) If the US wins they will have four points and if the Czech Republic loses both they and Ghana would stay at 3. If the Czechs draw then the US would have to score 5 goals more than the Czechs score against Italy.

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