Thursday, June 15, 2006

Clinton's Fourth Term?

As Wongdoer noted here, the Bush Administration's acquiescence in joining multiparty negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program is a second N. Korea Agreed Framework disaster in the making that will only delay, at best, Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons.

As I noted in the comments to Wongdoer's post, this is simply a fiasco. Instead of a sitting president being sabotaged by his pacifist predecessor (Clinton by Carter), we have a sitting president perceived as a warmonger voluntarily agreeing to sit down with the devil and make a disadvantageous deal that we KNOW the Iranians will break. Worse, the notion of giving the Iranians certain security guarantees in the Middle East is simply an agreement to handcuff America's ability to respond to the next Iranian transgression.

This is a time to lead, polls and allies be damned. Truman did so. For all the noise that President Bush makes about how Truman is a role model for forceful leadership (even as a lame duck), the President is instead following the vacillating Eisenhower model instead. Wrong choice.

Today in the Weekly Standard, Michael Rubin discusses the risible thought process of the administration in its approach to Iran.

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