Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Goodies

1. A sober critique of the current situation in Iraq by Reuel Marc Gerecht. Secure Baghdad. US troops must prevent an Algeria-style conclusion. A very good read.

2. GM selling a majority stake in GMAC, its profitable 'crown jewel', seems like a bad idea. "Throwing furniture into the fireplace to heat the house" indeed. Perhaps GM's troubles are actually worse than believed.

3. Good news from Iraq.

4. Deroy Murdock has a wonderful trenchant piece on the Yale Taliban.

The FBI should arrest this young Yalie and fly him south for spring break at Guantanamo. Then, Sayed Ramatullah Hashemi can help U.S. interrogators "increase understanding " of America's battlefield enemy.

5. LGF reports that several Saudi women, tired of discrimination, have had sex changes. Somewhere, someone is really unhappy about this.

6. The French are holding secret talks with Hamas. Figures. [French deny but Hamas confirms.]

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