Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Because it's my blog, that's why

A couple more stats from the Super Bowl because once I stop posting this stuff, we're going in for the silly season in the campaigns . . .

Stat #1: The Giants' 17 points is the lowest total for a Super Bowl winner in 33 years! The last time any team scored fewer than 20 points and won the Super Bowl was the 1974 Steelers. Only five teams have won the Super Bowl and scored fewer than 20 points: Jets (SB III), Colts (SB V), Dolphins (SB VII), Steelers (SB IX), and the Giants (SB XLII). By contrast, ten teams have scored 20+ and lost the Super Bowl (all since Dallas lost 35-31 in SB XIII) and another nine have scored 17 or more and lost the Super Bowl.

Stifling the highest scoring team in the NFL during the Super Bowl, as the Giants did, is not unprecedented -- after all, the '72 Dolphins led the league in scoring but hold the record for fewest points scored by a Super Bowl winner -- 14.

Stat #2: This one surprised me -- there have now been eight Super Bowls where the two Super Bowl teams played during the regular season and the game was decided by 7 points or less. The losing team from the regular season matchup is 7-1 in the Super Bowl rematch. The only loser who lost again: 1986 Broncos, who lost 19-16 at Giants Stadium during the regular season and 39-20 to the G-Men in SB XXI.

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