Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Al Gore will be the next President

John Derbyshire, the maverick conservative at National Review, is repeating a call that he made last year. Namely that Al Gore will be the Democratic nominee. The thesis is that the Clinton/Obama battle will go the convention and both will be so battered that Gore will ride in on a (hopefully rather solid) white stallion.

I hope he's right. I'll be voting for McCain but given the devil's alternative between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama I find myself in the very very odd position of rooting for Mrs. Clinton. Why? Hillary is a lot smarter and damn sight tougher than Obama who is a thoroughly orthodox liberal whose resume is primarily community activism.

Certainly also I think Mrs. Clinton is eminently more beatable than Obama. Obama has a subtle and very powerful race card to play. Moderates and independents uncertain between Obama and McCain will ask themselves whether not voting for Obama involves subconscious racism. So to prove themselves not racist they vote Obama.

A horrible reason to choose a President. But one that's going to be very, very hard to fight.

Between Gore and Clinton or Gore and Obama, Gore is clearly the saner preference. He has become environment nutter #1 but reckon he'll be busier with other things in the White House.

So for the safety of the Republic let's hope Derb is right.

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