Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday thoughts

Trying to steal a stylistic page from Glenn Reynolds:

A European court rules against Microsoft. Frankly this is a Brussels ruling against an AMERICAN company. A DOMINANT AMERICAN COMPANY. Disappoint but not really a surprise.

Sergei Kovalyov says Russia run by secret police
MOSCOW, Sept 17 (Reuters) - Veteran Russian rights activist Sergei Kovalyov said the secret police in Russia today have even more influence than when he was jailed for 7 years for spreading anti-Soviet propaganda.

Kovalyov, who was part of the same dissident circle as Nobel Peace Prize winner Andrei Sakharov, told Reuters in an interview that the heirs to the Soviet KGB had adapted their methods but were still repressing civil liberties.
"In certain senses the situation is even worse (than in the Soviet Union)," Kovalyov told Reuters in an interview on Sunday.

"The current Kremlin team ... are all from the KGB, all of them, everyone who takes decisions is from there or shares the same ideology, the same concept of what a state should be. And that team acts single-mindedly and very effectively."

A Gordon Brown commissioned report called "Economic aspects of peace in the Middle East" links a stronger Palestinian economy to better security for Israel. Skimming it very briefly it seems to make the fatuous argument that "its deprivation that has done this to these poor people" and deprivation is due to the beastly Israelis. Raising per capita income won't reduce suicide bombings.

Nick Saban revives dreams of glory at Alabama for this long-suffering 'Bama fan.

This long suffering Jet fan also likes what he sees in Kellen Clemens, the backup Jet QB who played yesterday. One reason why McCareins dropped two passes? Clemens has way more zip on the ball than Pennington, and as a matter of fact, any Jet QB I can remember back to Ken O'Brien.

The Derek Jeter gene is nice and healthy - you know the one that says "I MUST get a hit and I MUST catch this bloop."

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