Monday, September 17, 2007

A fine statement

Here's a prime example of a beat writer who is simply disgusted that he will spend the rest of his sport's season watching a team that absolutely stinks. From the NY Post's Paul Schwartz:

For the second consecutive game, the Giants performed on defense as if tackling were an option, mounting a pass rush were against their religious beliefs and covering opposing receivers had secretly been banned.

The Monk watched the Cowboys roll the Jints 45-35 last week and marveled at the surfeit of Madden '08 plays that the Cowpatties made -- the easy pass completions that turned into huge gains including the clinching 51-yard TD on a quick sideline pattern. I remember when the Giants had a defense that scared the opponents. This year, it's a defense that makes fantasy football league participants salivate when their guys matchup with the big blue busts.

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