Friday, February 09, 2007

Great moments in Education -- or not

In Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, the drama students at Wando High School may be prohibited from performing To Kill a Mockingbird as their spring play because it contains offensive racial epithets. In other words, the principal is worried that someone will be offended by a faithful portrayal of race relations in 1930s Alabama.

Isn't that the point? Harper Lee's book is one of the greatest novels of all time precisely because it accurately portrayed racial injustice, racist attitudes and showed how the actions of a good man can improve society in the future (two words: Scout, Jem), even if the immediate effect is minimal. This is the same idiocy that led to movements to ban Huckleberry Finn from school libraries and reading lists.

Pure foolishness. Good to see from the news article that the kids seem to know better than their elders.

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