Thursday, February 08, 2007

Avoiding stepping in it

The Cowpatties are set to hire Wade Phillips, the Chargers' defensive coordinator and son of Houston Oilers legendary coach O.A. "Bum" Phillips, as their new head coach. The Phillips family has roots here in Texas -- Bum retired to a ranch outside Goliad and is from East Texas himself. Wade is a defensive coordinator who knows the 3-4 formation that the Cowmanures have used (and drafted for) over the past 2 years because the Chargers use the same defense.

Wade Phillips has had only one losing record in five years as a head coach. He was the snake-bitten head man of the Bills when they lost to the Titans in 1999 on the Music City Miracle. And he's known for both questionable personnel decisions (starting Rob Johnson over Doug Flutie) and for taking NO risks.

If I were a Bovinerider fan, I'd prefer this choice to Norv Turner. But that team missed a chance by turning down Mike Singletary . . . who will hopefully be the new head coach of the Giants by this time next year.

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