Thursday, January 21, 2010

And baby makes six . . .

Congratulations to Wongdoer and Wongdoerette on baby #4.

That's right, the Wongdoer family is single-handedly flipping the bird at the ChiComs' one-child policy.

On Sunday, Wongling 4.0 made her debut. As The Talmud says, "A daughter is a blessing upon your house." Wongdoer now has three such little blessings upon his Christian house. The first is a princess, the second is a vivacious little bouncy pile of energy, and the third is wondering who all these dang people are who look like mommy and daddy but don't change diapers. The baby looks great -- alert, better hair than Wongdoer, no mushy newborn head.

Unfortunately for Wongdoer Jr, he has ANOTHER sister. He's a real nice kid; but his pop and I will need to take him to monster truck rallies and UFC matches or something to dilute the effects of all that pink in the house. Massive steak dinners are probably on the call sheet too.

Unfortunately for Wongdoer Sr, his daughters will be fully Americanized and require that daddy pay for the weddings (in Chinese culture, the man's family pays). Ironically, the good money says Wongling 4.0 will be left-handed like her two sisters, her mother and her three maternal aunts; her brother is a righty. So much for the easy make-the-boy-a-pitcher retirement plan.

So congratulations to Wongdoer and Wongdoerette (who did the real work over the past 38+ weeks and looked like she normally does, not like she just delivered a halfling). Welcome to the world baby girl.

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