Saturday, March 28, 2009

Orange crushed

As I said yesterday, if you're gonna go down, might as well be in flames.

Exhibit 2: SU's loss to Oklahoma.  SU knew OU wanted to get its top shooter to hit 3-pointers and have Blake Griffin dominate inside.  And sure enough, Tony Crocker shot like a top marksman after about 9 games where he'd been slightly better than Betty Crocker.  Griffin had a 12-15 shooting night on layups and dunks.  Overall, the best laid plans of the Orange disintegrated as OU rolled off a 20-2 run spanning the half that blasted a 28-24 lead into 48-26 with SU bricking three-pointers (0-10, first half) and Jonny Flynn hampered by an injury.  

It really sucks to watch when you know exactly what the opponent wants to do and your team can't prevent it from executing its game plan.

Overall, however, it was a nice season for the Orange: 28 wins, a return to prominence, victories over KU, Memphis, UConn, Marquette and a Sweet Sixteen berth.  Hopefully, they can improve their defense (40th in defensive efficiency = not a Final Four quality team) and build on this season.  The biggest offseason question: will Flynn be back?

As for the other games: UNC and Louisville look like title contenders, don't they?  Especially the Heels after a rout of the perennially overrated Zags.  And that KU-MSU game reminded me why I hate the brutal bloodsport that is Big T(elev)en basketball.  

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