Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Murdoch Mistake

Rupert Murdoch apologized for the NY Post monkey cartoon after a defiant half-apology by the Post itself. Did it satisfy the race merchants led by the Walking Venereal Disease Al Sharpton himself?

Of course not.

Never apologize when you are not wrong. It weakens your case and throws red meat to the opposition.

If we reduce ourselves to not expressing what others MAY find insulting we mock freedom and we mock our values. The cartoon was clearly intended to dually satirize the massive hodgepodge of a stimulus bill and the tragicomic story of the pet chimpanzee who nearly killed the friend of the owner.

So are we never allowed to depict a monkey in an unflattering way because SOME folks might construe it as an insult?

We might as well do away with freedom of speech.

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