Monday, October 27, 2008

The World Series and a sadness

The worst thing about this World Series is not its ratings or the relatively uninteresting matchup (after all, the GOOD thing about this WS is that the Red Sawx are not in it and the Dodgers bonked in the NLCS so we don't have to hear more paeans to Joe Torre). For The Monk, the worst thing is that, as the Phillies get closer to their second ever World Series victory, The Monk is continually reminded of his friend The Chef.

Jeff was a huge Phillies fan. No one ever explained that well (he grew up in No. Virginia, which was Orioles territory). But it's a fact. And he would have loved the 2008 baseball postseason, at least to date. If the Phillies do the expected and win tonight with another fine pitching performance by NLCS (and potential WS) MVP Cole Hamels, Jeff's friends will feel his absence even more. Of course, as Monkette said early in our relationship, when she missed me she knew it was a positive feeling because that reminded her of what we had together.

Go Phils.

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