Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Obamaniacs are not democrats

On the aol homepage today there is an article that Democrats can't fully restore delegates [from Florida and Michigan] - this is part of Hillary's last gambit as we noted here.

It had one of these web polls attached to it. The question was:

"Do you think all delegates from Michigan and Florida should be seated?"

I voted to see how the breakdown would go. The results were not surprising:

(Click here for a web image of the poll)

No: 53% [34,749]
Yes: 41% [26.833]
Not sure: 6% [3,393]

I voted "Yes" as would most of my persuasion who wants to see the Democratic battle continue to the Convention. But let's analyze these numbers for a second. Certainly it is unscientific but the raw numbers are so large that it really doesn't matter.

Most conservatives, Republicans and McCain supporters would vote YES for the same reason I did. That would reasonably be a significant portion of the YES votes. The rest of the YES votes would be Hillary Clinton supporters though Democrats who use the web are probably Obamaniacs.

About the 53% who voted NO: A slim number of these probably consider that rules are rules and should be followed. Fine. The rest are Democrats who are Obama supporters who only want to see their man win, LEGITIMATE VOTES BE DAMNED.

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