Friday, April 18, 2008

Hillary's tree in the forest

What if a tree fell in a forest around a bunch of journalists inured to the occurrence of falling trees, would it still make a sound? That's a bit of the question posed by Peggy Noonan today -- she calls Hillary Clinton's speech to the American Society of Newspaper Editors from Tuesday "the best of her campaign" but notes:

It didn't matter. Nobody noticed. A room full of journalists didn't notice this was something new and interesting. And they didn't notice because nobody is listening anymore.

Mrs. Clinton is transmitting, but people aren't receiving. She has been branded, tagged. She's been absorbed, understood and categorized. People have decided what they think, and it's not good.

Indeed, even after the Obama "you're all a bunch of gun-toting religious nuts because you don't have your factory jobs" gaffe, DNC chairman Howard Dean is calling on Democrat superdelegates to choose now and the NYT news service reports that the superdelegates were unpersuaded by HRC's (consensus) win in Wednesday's debate.

This all gives PaMonk reason to cheer because he despises the Clintons. With good reason: MaMonk was part of the superwoman generation (full-time work, running family, raising progeny) and didn't see the need to stretch out her shoulder and pat herself on the back all the time like HRC; PaMonk also hated how the first boomer president defiled the office itself. The Clintons are inveterate, unapologetic and unrestrained liars.

The Obamas are essentially the Carters.

And The Monk is voting for McCain.

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